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ARS Writing Contest Finalists Named

More than 50 students submitted to the Argenta Reading Series High School Writing Contest, but the field has been narrowed to four finalists who will compete for the $1,000 top prize. Britney Graves of Bryant High School, Bradi Matlock of Har-Ber High School, Haley McDaniel and Gaylee Spurlock, both of Valley View High School, will read their works on May 27 at 6:30pm. in front of a panel of three yet-to-be-named judges.

Students in grades 10-12 were eligible for the competition, but all of the finalists are seniors with the exception of Graves, who is a sophomore. She is also the only finalist who opted to submit a work of nonfiction rather than fiction.

Announced at the end of February--only a month after the reading series itself launched--the contest is made possible through a partnership with Laman Public Library of North Little Rock.

"We knew we wanted to host a writing contest, but we didn't think we'd be able to this quickly," said ARS Director Guy Choate, "but the library allowed us to immediately do that. And there was enough enthusiasm behind it that we were able to quickly spread the word and get a good mix of submissions from all across the state."

Choate said the three judges will be announced on the Argenta Reading Series in the coming weeks. The May 27 event is free and open to the public.

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